Ministers Bios

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Rev. Marquise Clark began attending Community Church of God, Rockford, Illinois, at the age of two.  Her mother believed that she and her three siblings belonged in the House of God.  She gave her life to the Lord at the age of 15.  She was given the charge by her former pastor, Dr. Lorenzo Thurman, to 'save the children'.  Now a member of Blessed Family Covenant Church, she acknowledged her call to preach in August of 2000. Rev. Clark studied under Pastor Wendy Howlett and attended serveral theological classes, including BFCC's Preaching 101 and 102.
An excellent alto, Rev. Clark serves in the choir and is director of BFCC's Youth Choir.  She is also a praise and worship leader and Armour Bearer to Pastor Wendy Howlett.  
Rev. Marquise Clark loves cooking and serves as cook for BFCC and the hospitality committee.  
Rev. Clark's formal education includes that of Upward Bound Pre-College Student and she is a certified and licensed LVN.
Rev. Marquise Clark enjoys her service to the body of Christ and her Lord.


Rev. Evette Fricks surrendered her life to God on a Sunday morning at the age of sixteen at Community Church of God, Rockford, IL, under the leadership of Pastor Lorenzo Thurman.  Her dedication and commitment followed to Blessed Family Covenant Church.  From 1997-1999, Rev.Fricks served as teacher for the Children's Church of Blessed Family Covenant.  In 1999, she also hosted and taught Saturday Night Bible Study with the young adults in the Church.  She acknowledged and accepted her call to preach in 1999.
Over the past twelve years, Rev. Fricks has served Blessed Family Covenant Church as youth coordinator, choir member, organizer of various functions, Armor Bearer to Pastor Wendy Howlett, administrator for the Ministers of BFCC and the Pastor's Anniversary Chairperson.  She received her License of Ministry in 2006, and her Certificate of Ordination in 2016.   
Rev. Fricks is president of the WIZ (Women in Zion) Club, an organization designed to empower and enrich the lives of women.  Rev. Fricks is BFCC's travel agent as she plans and organizes the Church's annual vacations.
Rev. Fricks is the proud mother of son, Jerret Patrick.

Rev. Gabriel Walker was born December 11th, 1975 in Rockford, Illinois.  He spent most of his adolescent and teenage years in Community Church of God, where the late Dr. Lorenzo Thurman, was senior pastor.  Rev. Walker watched and observed the Spirit of God and the people of God operating in the body.  He was born into and trained in the House of God under the teachings of Dr. Lorenzo Thurman and Pastor Wendy Howlett.  He gave his life to the Lord, December of 1992 and accepted the calling of God on his life as a minister in 1996.
Rev. Walker now resides in southern California where he is a proud member and servant of Blessed Family Covenant Church. His soul's desire is to live and walk in the presence of God all the days of his life and to be pleasing to God.  Rev. Walker further desires to be 'meet for the Master's use' and to be used as a blessing to the Saints of the Most High God while serving as a 'fisher of men'.
Rev. Walker attend Devry University, majoring in electronics.  He has gleaned a practical education from living and befriending many in 'the hood' which has given him a peculiar insight to the issues facing men of color and the youth.  
Rev. Walker says "All of my boasts are in the Lord."