Pastor Howlett
Pastor Wendy Howlett surrendered her life to God on October 10, 1973, during a Wednesday night prayer service at Community Church of God (Rockford, IL) under the leadership of Pastor Lorenzo Thurman.  From 1974 - 1976, Pastor Howlett served as an undershepherd for Community Church of God visiting the newly saved, establishing new members and hosting fellowship gatherings in her home.  She acknowledged and accepted her call to peach in 1974.

For the next eighteen years, Pastor Howlett's service to Community Church of God (Rockford, IL) and New Covenant Community Church (Inglewood, CA) would include that of bookkeeper, financial secretary, Sunday School teacher, elementary shcool teacher, youth coordinator, organizer of various functions, preacher, Assistant Pastor and Elder.  She was ordained in 1989.  Pastor Howlett actively served Community Church of God while she continued her formal education in Busniness Adminstration and various theological studies.

Pastor Howlett emerged into her current leadership role in 1996 after the passing of Pastor Lorenzo Thurman.  She immediately began processes to hold the spiritual legacy together that had been fathered and nurtured by Pastor Thurman.  Pastor Howlett drafted and filed the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for Blessed Family Covenant Church in 1997.  On January 2, 2011, Pastor Howlett was voted in as Senoir Pastor of Blessed Family Covenant Church after serving as Elder and Co-Pastor for fourteen years.

Pastor Howlett has designed curriculum and studies for premarital counseling, BFCC's New Members' Class and Preaching Class 101 and 102.  She gave birth to the First Wives Club, an organization of saved married women and served as president until 2010.

Pastor Wendy Howlett is the joyous wife of Mininster Michael Howlett.  She has two adult sons - Finus Walker, III and Rev. Gabriel Walker, and two grandchildren - Shayfanise Walker and Javonne Walker.